Hirakawa Fishery Representative Director Tomio Hirakawa

Our company keeps our focus on marketing fresh sea urchin nationwide.

Now more than ever, the consumers strongly demand for the reassurance on food safety.

In order to respond upon the request, the Management thorough to register at Japan Hyo-On* Association to certify our product with highly-fresh-packing method to decrease the commodity structure formation of the harmful-micro-organisms. It is our effort to provide products with confidence for every consumer. (*Hyo-On or Controled Freezing Point)

Also, in a way of demanding polarized products, consumers can get inexpensive delicios food in expensive way of satisfaction.

In such rapid environmental change, it is our company’s mission to develope and support livelyhood in the future. Without being bound by the old habits, in responce to the consumer’s needs we always provide new positive ideas to develop safe and secure on our award winning products.

━━━ Statement
Selfless devotion to the service of others.

━━━ Philosophy
We are proud to humble our customers, penetrate to be our first principle in continuing efforts to contribute progress and developement.
━━━ Hirakawa Fishery…18 articles of “It’s a good day today”
We, cleanly, quick, without breaking, no damaging, cherish, wholeheartedly, for sea urchin, thanking people, fun day today,
happy, vigorously, stongly, brightly, with a smile, thank you, lucky, happy, forgive.

━━━ Three condtions of work knowledge
1。Customers are family, send them delicious things
1。Clean work with a clean mind
1。Let’s have a heart of gratitude in saying “Thank You”

━━━ Three conditions of mind
1。Keep an eye open


Maruki Hirakawa Fishery Inc.


10,000,000 Japanese Yen


Fish processing company that sells Sea Urchin.

Product Menu

Processing UNI(Sea Urchin) and various marine products.

Date of Establishmen

June 7, 1993


No. 484 Biwase, Hamanaka-Cho, Akkeshi Gun, Hokkaido


+81 153-62-3556


+81 153-62-3116


Representative Director

Total Employees


Trading Bank

Shin Gyoren Hamanaka Gyokyou
Daichi Mirai Trust Bank, Hamanaka Branch